Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rename ASM Diskgroups

Rename diskgroup option is a new feature of 11gR2  but can be done for 10g & 11gR1 as well.
It requires installing 11gR2 SIHA Grid Infrastructure software only installation.

cd <11gr2 grid home>/bin
use renamedg tool to rename 10g or 11gR1 diskgroup.
Diskgroup cannot be renamed under following conditions :

- the Diskgroup is mounted
- the Diskgroup is being used by CSS
- Diskgroup contains offline disks
1) First of all, the desired diskgroup needs to be dismounted (from each node if this is a RAC configuration):
# asmcmd umount DATA

2) Verify that the desired diskgroup was dismounted:
# asmcmd lsdg

3) Then execute the rename statement:
# renamedg phase=both dgname=DATA newdgname=ORACLE_DATA1 verbose=true
4) Finally, mount the renamed diskgroup and validate that it was mounted (on each node if this is a RAC configuration):
# asmcmd mount ORACLE_DATA1

# asmcmd lsdg

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